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What exactly is a trump card game?

Good question! Trump card games were very popular in the 80s and 90s in Europe. You have a deck that features 30 or more cards from a specific area of interest. The aim of the game is to pick the best category from your card and gather all the cards in the deck. The person to get all the cards wins!

How do you play CPU WARS?

CPU WARS has a very simple and fun gameplay. You start by splitting the deck between the players, then each player takes a turn and picks a category that they think has the best value. The person that wins the hand gets to choose a category from their next card.

What's the deal with Booster Cards?

Booster cards improve the gameplay and add a bit of strategy to the game. Use them as soon as you draw them or put aside to get out of a tight spot. You can use the cards with Volume 1.0, 2.0 or both combined!

Why do you sell D8 dice?

We owe this one to Chuck Lawton from GeekDad. Using a D8 dice can make the game a lot more random and fun. Instead of picking the category yourself, let fate decide for you. When it's your turn roll the dice and compare your stats.

Are there other ways to play CPU WARS?

Of course there are! Jordan Wiens came up with a great way to test your true geekiness. Choose someone to act as a moderator and then take turns with the other players to guess the stat for the chosen CPU. The closest guess wins!

Can you combine Volume 1.0 and 2.0?

When we started creating Volume 2.0 we made sure that the categories would stay the same to allow the two decks to be combined. The booster cards were also designed to add gameplay to both decks.

Which CPUs are included in CPU WARS Volume 1.0 - The Battle of the Desktops?

In no specific order the CPUs are:

  • Zilog Z80 
  • VIA C3
  • MOS 650x 
  • NexGen Nx586 
  • NEC v30 
  • IDT Winchip 2 
  • Cyrix 6x86 
  • IBM & Motorola PowerPC 7xx 
  • Freescale PowerPC 74xx  
  • IBM PowerPC 970  
  • MIPS R3000  
  • Motorola 68000  
  • Intel 8080  
  • Intel 8086  
  • Intel 80286
  • Intel i386
  • Intel i386  
  • Intel i486  
  • Intel Pentium  
  • Intel Pentium II  
  • Intel Pentium 3  
  • Intel Pentium 4  
  • Intel Core 2 Duo  
  • Intel Core i5  
  • Intel Core i7  
  • AMD Am486  
  • AMD K6-2  
  • AMD Athlon  
  • AMD Athlon 64  
  • AMD Phenom 
  • AMD Phenom II

Which CPUs are included in CPU WARS Volume 2.0 - The Battle of the Servers?

We don't want to spoil the fun and sense of discovery for you. We'll be announcing the full list later in the year. For now, rest assured that all the important chips like UltraSparc, Xeon and Opteron are included.

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